We proudly present our top of the line Racing Spec Buggy the RR5 Ultimate CF LE. The Ultimate is developed by the huge demand we have been receiving from our fans for years. 

The Ultimate version is including all of the optional alloy upgrade parts that are developed by the MCD Racing Engineering Department. The parts were used and tested by MCD Racing Team Drivers during many races including the Euro Championships.

All of the alloy upgrade parts are CNC-machined from 7075 billet Alloy and even though they are aluminium they are lighter than the composite versions. The alloy parts are hard coated in MCD gun metal color.

The RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition will be limited to 100 pieces only.

The order code for the RR5 Ultimate CF LE:

00514002  RR5 Ultimate EC Spec LE 2016 Alloy

The upgrade parts that are on the Ultimate:

200402A    LSD Diff. Case Alloy
230803A    F/R CCD Axle Alloy
260102S    Brake Disc LightWeight ABS
290101X    Pro-Bite Racing Clutch
300107X    F/R Wishbone Alloy Set Complete
300603A    Front Hub Alloy Set L/R
300704A    L/R Caster Block Set 0 Deg.Alloy
301204X    Rod-end Lightweight Turnbuckle Set Alloy
320302A    Rear Shock Absorber Body Alloy
320402A    Front Shock Absorber Body Alloy
381002A    Steering Servo Turnbuckle Alloy
415202A    Center Diff.Holder Set Alloy
415302A    Brake Plate Alloy
415402A    Lay Shaft Carrier Alloy Set
415502A    Clutch Bell Carrier Alloy
415701A    Engine Clutch House Alloy
445102A    Front Stiffener Alloy
445202A    Rear Stiffener Alloy Set
445301A    Top Stiffener Alloy
725302A    Carburetor / AirFilter Venturi Alloy
725801X    Air Box Intake Silencer
750601X    Barracuda G Performance Exaust Set



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