MCD XS5 Max Pro

Brand: MCD Racing

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Chassis Type: Gasoline Roller

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The exciting new super car body design XS5 Max. The XS5 MAX is designed with a 1:1 scale realism of a mid-engine super car proportions. We developed the XS5 Max with advanced modeling techniques. Sophistication and refinement were the main inspiration keywords while creating the body. Sculpted twisting lateral surfaces gliding from the front to the back both vertically and horizontally creating a dynamic design language. Styling features such as wide muscular fenders, low roof-line and vertical head lamps help forming a powerful stance. Besides styling works a special effort was put on the aerodynamics of the body to create a balanced down-force on the front and on the back to keep control on the ground for dynamic cornering.

The XS5 Max is available in Pro version. The Pro includes a Barracuda Tune Pipe, 7075 alloy Max chassis, alloy shock tubes, alloy engine carrier plate, alloy rear stiffener, ball bearing ackerman plate, alloy lay shaft carrier set, 7075 alloy front and rear wide multi-hole towers, front and rear alloy wishbone holders, front LSD, center locked, rear open differentials.

A unique feature of MCD cars is the convertibility that allows to at you can easily convert your MCD models to any model. From XR5 Max to XS5 Max or shorter wheelbase models XS5 and XR5 to XS5-Max. You can even convert your off-road cars to XS5 Max.
The XS5 Max Pro comes with a basic decal set including the window frames and the lights. The optional Graphic Decal Set includes the racing style colored graphics as shown on the photos.