Adapters for Losi 5ive / 15,5mm Off-Set 24mm Wheel Hex

Brand: Cardinal Racing

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Losi 5ive-T 15,5mm Off-Set Wheel Extenders for MCD Rims & GRP Rims (Package Qty: 2)

These 24mm wheel adapters are specially designed for the Losi 5ive-T to match the MCD rims on the chassis and receive maximum performance. Currently the available adapters on the market change the track width of the car and, as a result, change the center of rotation by the tire. This means balance and traction will change and may decrease the performance.

These wheel extenders provide the possibility to mount MCD rims on the Losi 5ive-T without changing the geometry of the car. 

15,5mm Off-Set (per Adapter / 31mm per Axle)
With this adapter you will receive exactly the same track width by using the MCD rim than by using the original adapter with a Losi rim.


  • Made out of 7075 Alloy - precise machined with optimum tolerances
  • "Made in Germany"
  • 15,5mm Off-Set per Adapter / 21mm Off-Set per Axle
  • In combination with the MCD rims you will receive exact the same track width than by the original car
  • Perfect secured pin with a 5mm thick O-Ring
  • The thread is ending with the outside of the rim
  • You can use the original wheel nut
  • Perfect fitting of the 24mm adapter of the MCD rim

Technical Data

  • Hex Diameter: 23,7mm
  • Hole for axle: ca. 12mm
  • Hole for axle pin: ca. 5mm
  • Thread length: ca. 11,2mm
  • O-Ring: ca. 5mm thick