FID Racing VOLTZ (Rolling Chassis)

Brand: FID Racing

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Chassis Type: Rolling Chassis


Complete Rolling Chassis.


OFF-ROAD ELECTRIC RC CAR 2022 FID Voltz is the 3rd generation of this model. In this generation it upgraded to 12S power system, and added support for hydraulic braking system. FID Voltz is a born speeder, jumper and drifter. Its design features central-aligned drive train and symmetric layout. The total weight without hydraulic braking system is 27kg. With 12S power, it could reach max. 110km/h, probably the heaviest and quickest basher. FID Voltz has good clearance, solidity and operation stability. It comes with rear solid axle, front independent suspension, innovative four link suspension, 3 all metallic differentials, dual shocks system.

FID Voltz will have two options: Roller KIT and RTR 12S, and 2 Shell options. This time we added a towhook mount. 4 × wheel hydraulic braking system will be available and serves as an add-on. More fun are to be found on this unique thing.


  • Size: L 910 × W 570 × H 424(mm)
  • Roller Weight: 18.5kg
  • RTR: 27kg including 2 × 6S batteries
  • Ground Clearance: 140mm
  • Tyre: 230 × 80mm, 6mm thick tire tread, natural rubber
  • Battery Tray: L 190 × W 75 × H unlimited (mm)
  • Chassis: Alloy 6061-T6, U-Shape 5mm thick, CNC machined and Anodized
  • Wheel Rim: Nylon PA6, real life scale 5 × lugs fastened wheel
  • Wheet Hub: CNC machined billet alloy, comes with brake disc ready
  • Roll Cage: Nylon PA6, 10mm dia.
  • Shell: 1.5mm thick PC sheet
  • Gear Module: 1.5m
  • Total Gear Ratio: 1/11.025
  • Max Speed: 110km/h
  • Recommended Steering Servo: 2 × 70kg Metallic Servos
  • Steering: Ackermann Steering Mechanism, designed with automatic return-to-center and protection of servo against impact or too much turning force
  • Recommended ESC: HobbyWing Max4 300A 12S
  • Recommended Motor: HobbyWing 70125SD Motor in 560KV
  • Connector: QS80 connector
  • Optional Braking System: 4 wheel Hydraulic Braking System, Front / Rear independent controlled, 2 × hydraulic pumps in CNC alloy 7075, 2 × drive motors, 2 × cylinders / caliper, 4 x float calipers

Speeder • Jumper • Drifter


Rear Axle

Housings made of one-piece alloy 6061-T6 via CNC, with beautiful tooling marks. 4mm thick brake disc compatible with FID Racing hydraulic braking system. Inside the axle is a metallic differential as introduced above. Wheel hub comes with 5 × lugs adapter, stable and real-life.

Shock System

Alloy 7075-T6 shock bodies with better abrasion resistance. Inner plugs made of best Polyoxymethylene (POM) material. Dual seal ring design, 7mm dia. shaft. Springs made of 3mm dia. music wire, treated with hardening process and black-oxidation. Rear shock consists of two springs.


3 diffs. Small crown gears made in powder metallurgy method. Spur gear of 20CrMnTi gearing steel via CNC. Diff housing of alloy 6061-T6. 60T big gear and 2 × covers of 45#steel via CNC (equivalent to US 1045 steel and Europe C45 steel), surface black-oxided. Drive cup in 65Mn spring steel. Differential Lubricant in 50000cSt.


One-piece formed chassis protective plate, made of 5mm thick aluminum alloy 6061-T6, CNC cut, and rolled up slightly in the center to strengthen. Each comes with an unique number for aftersales tracking.

Steering System

Ackermann steering system design, automatic return-to-center, servo protection mechanism against big impact or too much turning force. Steering drive comprised of 2 × 70kg metallic servos, and stepless adjustable sync servo arms, solid and quick response.

12S Power System

Power system is popular HobbyWing Max4 combo including a 560KV sensored brushless motor and a 300A / 12S sensored brushless ESC. It supports Bluetooth addon and enables Voltz to max speed 116km/h. Besides its excellent linearity provides smooth operation. 

Off-road Tyres

Wheel rim is redesigned and made of nylon material, comes with inside and outside red beadlock rings, real-life scale. Off-road type tyre with foam insert provides high traction.

Shell & Rollcage

Body shell is made of 1.5mm thick PC material. Roll cage is made of 10mm diameter rod in high-strength nylon PA6 material.