Multiplex RHINO pro HV digi 4 Servo

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The RHINO pro SHV digi 4 servo is a 29 mm digital servo designed for use in large-scale models. The new pro SHV servo is faster, more powerful, and more durable than our proven RHINO digi 4, of which thousands are now in use. More performance, with higher torque and faster transit speed, and more durable with a new triple-ballraced heavy-duty steel gear set. The operating voltage range has been expanded to 8.4 V, allowing the servo to be operated directly with up to two-cell LiPo batteries.

Large 1 : 5 scale model cars make very exacting demands on the servos, and for many years the RHINO servo has set the standard with its extremely robust, outsize metal gearbox and 8 mm output shaft for the output device. An integral aluminium heat-sink cools the motor and electronics very effectively. Servo case gaskets make the unit dust-proof and splash-proof. The enormous power and robust nature of this servo also make it an excellent choice for large models generally, such as F3A - XXL large-scale model aircraft, as well as for non-standard applications.

The following servo parameters can be adjusted using the MULTImate test and programming unit # 8 2094:
• Direction of servo rotation
• Servo transit speed
• Servo travel, left / right (max. 2 x 90°)
• Servo centre
• Servo deadband
• Fail-safe (On with servo Fail-Safe position / Off)
• Reset to factory default settings

High-voltage (HV) servos
HV servos have a broad operating voltage range of 5 - 8.4 V, i.e. they can be operated directly with two-cell Lithium-based rechargeable batteries (e.g. LiPo, LiFe, LiIo). The outstanding features of LiXX batteries compared with NiXX types are their higher energy density and lower self-discharge rate, and for these reasons they are increasingly used as power supplies in model RC systems. The higher voltage of LiXX batteries means that the current drawn by an HV servo is lower for a given output power than that of conventional servos, which are generally designed for a nominal voltage of 4.8 - 6 V. When used with 2S LiXX batteries, these older servos must therefore be operated with a separate voltage reducer. This reduces the overall efficiency of the system, leads to unnecessary dissipated power, requires additional electronic complexity and more connectors ( higher costs, greater failure risk, higher weight). Modern receivers (e.g. M-LINK) are designed for voltages up to 9 V, i.e. with HV there is no longer any reason not to use the modern, superior LiXX battery technology.

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Dimensions (L x W x H): 59 x 29 x 55 mm
Weight: 172 g
Gearbox: Steel
Ballraces: 3
Multi-finger wiper pot: yes (with indirect drive)
Torque @ 6 V / 7.4 V*: 326 / 382 Oz.In
Holding power @ 6 V / 7.4 V*: 396 / 453 Oz.In
Transit speed for 40°@ 6 V / 7.4 V*: 0.10 / 0.08 sec.
* 5-cell NiXX / 2S LiPo operation. Values measured at stabilised 6.0 V / 7.4 V.