ProTek RC - Switch w/Voltage Cutoff

Brand: SKY RC

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This is the ProTek R/C Electronic Switch. The ProTek R/C Electronic Switch is a lightweight and compact MCU controlled digital ON/OFF switch for your radio controlled model. With the push of a button this digital electronic switch eliminates the problems with intermittent contact associated with mechanical switches. This ProTek R/C Electronic Switch can be easily mounted to the transponder mount of your model or any other suitable location using double-sided tape (optional bottom covers are included).

The ProTek R/C Electronic Switch includes a LiPo mode that when selected, will auto-detect low LiPo voltage and will cut-off power from your LiPo battery to prevent over discharging. LiPo mode can be turned off if other safeguards are in place or you are using a NiMH or NiCd battery. The ProTek R/C Electronic Switch also monitors the remaining capacity and condition of the battery pack, and indicates the status with the use of LED's.



Input Voltage: 4-12V
Max. Current: 10 Amp
Battery Mode: 1. NiHM / NiCad
                          2. LiPo
Low Voltage Protection: 6.2V(LiPo)
Operating temperature: 0-50℃
Weight: ≤7g

Packaging Included:

1X SKYRC Power Switch