Hormann HT4 Buggy - 2WD

Brand: Hormann

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We are proud to offer this high quality performance 2wd racing buggy MADE IN GERMANY! The further development of the HT4 (4th Generation) is a newly improved and lighter front axle, a longer wheelbase and a larger kick-up. Compared to the previous year's model, it was possible to achieve significantly improved handling in all border areas and in jumps.

Reliability and precision, as an important component in competitive use, have been further developed and the adjustment range of the chassis on the front axle has been expanded.

The newly developed front axle has increased the wheelbase by 15 mm to 570 mm. You achieved more steering and even smoother handling in extreme areas.

The kick-up of the base plate was changed to 15 degrees so that the flight characteristics during jumps were significantly improved. The outstanding properties of the HT4 are realized through a precise construction, superior detail solutions and the use of high-quality materials. As in the past, the resistance and durability have been continuously developed through numerous test drives by a collaboration between the Hörmann and Cardinal racing team.

The materials in detail:

Aluminum parts:
  • Angled chassis plate
  • Motor quick change system
  • Quick coupler main drive shaft
  • Axles
  • Adjustable wishbones
  • Steering knuckle
  • Shock absorber bridge
  • Shock absorber (hard anodized, Teflon coated)
  • Stop bolt
  • Servo saver
  • Motor flange
  • Gear unit
  • Differential housing
  • Side panels differential
  • Rear shock tower
Steel parts:
  • Stainless steel wishbone pins
  • Steel ball for steering linkage
  • Tie rods
  • Hardened gears
  • Clutch bell
  • Drive shafts
  • Ball drive
  • Thru axle for ball drive
  • Wheel hub steel
Plastic parts:
  • Special plastic spoiler
  • Side parts spoiler holder
  • Front bumper
  • Side tub
  • Servo saver
  • Plastic joints for steering
  • Hörmann fuel tank (800ml)
  • Ball drive protective sleeves
  • Hörmann receiver box
  • rims
  • Carbon fiber battery holder plate
  • Carbon fiber servo plate
Optional tuning:
  • Hydraulic brakes front / rear axle
  • Chassis stiffening with servo plates
  • Titanium parts
  • Carbon fiber brake discs
  • Aluminum spoiler attachment
  • Steel wheel hub 9.5mm with pins
  • Tie rod lock
  • Holder for personal transponders
  • Check valve for tank ventilation
  • Tuning silencers
  • Range of springs

Requirments to run:

Engine, Electronics & Radio, Performance Pipe.  Please note that this is a kit that requires to assembly.  However we do offer to build the kit for you as an option.  Feel free to contact us about any information regarding this product!