Grafil GT5 Valkyrie Complete Bodyshell.

Brand: Grafil Bodies

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The GT5 Valkyrie body was designed by Filippo Pantò with the intention of being exploited with the best aerodynamic performance and lightness on the on-road models MCD and MCD MAX (fit both wheelbasses).

This special body is easily fixed on the front and rear mounting towers of the MCD XS5 (click here if you dont have the XS5 MAX body mounts)

To fit this special body, inspired by the Hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR 2020, it’s necessary to remove the original spark plug protection and air conveyor.

Their purpose is now replaced by the large airscoop of our body which works as spark plug protection and as conveyor of fresh external air for the whole engine/muffler area which is then quickly evacuated from the rear of the body which is completely open.

For the rear mounting tower it‘s required to turn 180° the horizontal support.

Turn now your MCD into a fantastic Hypercar in just a few minutes and with little expense!

This kit consists of:   Main clear uncut 2mm body - Windows paint mask - Precut decals set - instruction sheet.