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Easy, Smart, Green

It doesn't matter how big it is and how fast it goes. It is important for us to contribute to the health of the environment . Also on a 1: 5 scale.


We have stopped dreaming. We did it.

Vision, passion, technology, research and development. With these ingredients we have invented a new way of making modeling in 1: 5 scale.




The Genius XR4E is a 1: 5 scale model car based on the 2017 XR4, designed for use in competition races.
It was developed in 2018 and is the first version of an electric machine , which paves the way for a new generation of model cars looking to the future.
The most important novelty is obviously the replacement of the classic petrol plant with a new brushless electric motor, together with the LIPO 8S battery which takes the place of the 700 cc tank. The transmission becomes direct and the use of the clutch is no longer necessary.
The machine remains approved to the EFRA rules and thanks to this new technology becomes ecological, producing zero emissions .

Genius XR4 frameCar Genius Racing Pilot

Genius XR4E - 2017

  • Big Scale Electro Car

  • EFRA Rules Homologated

  • Ecologic RC Car Zero Emission

  • Advanced Technology System Easy to set Up

Logo Genius Racing
Technical details
Weight 11 Kg
Length 535 mm (Regular Wheelbase)
Width 395 mm (Regular Wheelbase)
Engine Electric Brushless
Battery LIPO 8S