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genius fr2


The Genius FR2 is the second model car in the high performance 1: 5 Formula category , designed in particular for competition use.
Developed in 2015, it presents optimizations both in the chassis and in the geometry compared to the previous FR model. The various components have been designed to be more robust and durable and make the machine much more reliable on the track . in addition,  maintenance is also simplified and the machine as a whole is more efficient, achieving even higher performance.

Please note: Tires, Body, Engine, Air Filter Assembly, Diff not included.

fr2 lato

Genius FR2 – 2014

  • Front and Rear Spoilers

  • Mono Front Shock Absorber

  • Advanced Technology System Easy to set Up

Logo Genius Racing

Dettagli Tecnici
Peso 10,5 Kg
Lunghezza 630 mm (Regular Wheelbase)
Larghezza 450 mm (Regular Wheelbase)
Motore 26 CC
Capienza Serbatoio 700 cc
Competizioni Vinte Titolo Europeo (x2), Titolo Nazionale (x4), EFRA Races (multiple)


Do you need assembly instructions for this GENIUS model car?
Below we have made the complete manual available in PDF format . Download it in a moment and you're ready to get to work! We hope you find it useful, but if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.