1/8 EGX-1 4WD GT electric chassis kit LWB (long wheelbase 358mm) Available with your choice of bodyshell!

Brand: HARM Racing

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Body Selection: BMW M8

SKU 1301005

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High Performance 1/8 GT electric powered 4WD Chassis

The EGX-1 chassis is now also available with the long wheelbase (358mm).

By extending and shifting the rigid center differential, it was possible to achieve an optimal weight distribution even with the long wheelbase.

With the LWB (long wheelbase) chassis, it is now possible to mount significantly longer motors. There is now 88mm of space available.

Conversion kits for changing the wheelbase are also available. This means that the wheelbase can easily be changed later

The EGX-1 chassis was designed with the aim of building a "ready to race" while also raising stability and precision to a new level.

The EGX-1 chassis is made entirely of 7075 T-6 aluminum and CFRP / carbon parts. This gives both the possibility of an exact setup and of course the consistent performance over the driving time.

The cardan drive runs absolutely straight. This ensures a smooth drive train and minimal wear.

After more than 25 years of experience in 1/5 large models, it is of course immediately recognizable that many things that have proven themselves very well on a large scale can also be found in the EGX-1 chassis. Such as. the stabilizer system.

The features of the EGX-1 chassis:

- Aluminum wishbones at the front lower
- CFK / carbon shock tower in front
- Front and rear aluminum upright brackets
- Front and rear aluminum uprights
- Overrun freely adjustable from 0 - 17 °
- Adjustable ball stabilizer front and rear
- Aluminum differential case front and rear
- Quick and easy differential removal and installation
- Rigid center differential
- Absolutely straight drive train
- Aluminum servo saver
- Adjustable roll center on the front and rear axles
- Active rear axle with toe-in change
- Aluminum shock tower
   and rear body support


You will require electronics, servos, radio and batteries.

Body is unpainted but comes with decals and window masking.